Monday, November 2, 2015

Save the Date - Mixed Media Original Illustration - Custom Portrait from AsmaOriginal

Hello Everyone, It has been a while since I shared what is new on AsmaOriginal but I was working on some personal work and learning new techniques. I am also working on re-branding AsmaOriginal and having a new logo, visit car and banner which is really exciting for me. Marketing was my major in college and branding was my favorite subject :)
Save the Date - Custom Portrait
I am very happy I extended my line to wedding gifts and announcements. I was making custom wedding portraits for a while now with lovely wedding dresses made of lace and fabrics. But today I lunched my first "Save the Date" custom portraits.
I try to capture the details and personalities
 I loved working on this custom portrait. I wrote "Save the Date" by hand on a banner. The couple will add the wedding details once they receive the portrait and then print the cards.

The work process is similar to my my usual mixed- media work on AsmaOriGinal where I use paper collage for the clothes in addition to acrylics, gouache, leather. .. etc.

I will keep you posted in the future. Have a colorful day everyone!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flying Star - Original Collage Portrait - Work in Progress

I love doing collage portraits! This one I did is for Illustration Friday weekly challenge. The theme for this week is "Star". I decided to make a collage portrait of a little girl.
I was inspired by the Halloween that will come at the end of this month. The girl is wearing a star costume that I designed and chose its fabric from collage paper.
The star is actually the collar of the costume. The girl is dreamy and at the edge of nearly flying to  represents the theme of the challenge.
I am really proud of this portrait :) I am going to list it in my shop on Etsy soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from aSmaOriGinal

All mothers love flowers and heart shaped chocolate boxes but do you want to give your lovely mother a personalized gift made especially for her? I am aSma, an artist who would make her a custom portrait as a gift made from her photo. In my shop aSmaOriGinal on Etsy I offer many layouts and sizes. Here are three ideas for a personalized gift on mother's day:

You would get an individual custom portrait for your lovely mother painted with watercolors and glitter in the background...
 Individual Custom Portrait
...A painting on a 2.3 x 1.5in mini canvas using acrylics...
Or a personalized illustration with her name on a flower framed watercolor portrait illustration.
2. A Custom Portrait With Her Husband or Kids:
I traveled to many cities with my mother including Paris, Geneva and Cairo. This mother daughter travel custom portrait is great to symbolize all the trips you have made with your sweet mother.
A custom portrait with her other half. This is a collage and mixed-media portrait for a couple standing.
Or with her lovely kids... A watercolor illustration with the sentence: "You Are So Loved".
3. A Custom Family Portrait:
What can make her happy more than a custom family portrait for the whole family! You can add all the symbols of your family moments or passions in the illustration. Or you can present the places you have been to together in the background. Click Here for all the custom family portrait options I offer in my shop.
Still wondering what to ger your lovely mom on Mother's day? ;)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abstract Paintings by Sara my 2 Years Old Daughter

Sara is my very active little sweet heart. She was born on December 2012 and she brought joy to my everyday ever since. Now that she passed two year old she found her passion in painting.
Abstract painting by Sara
A close up.
Actually, I am finding a hard time painting when she is awake as she takes my place and start using my colors creating her own master piece.
Get up momy it is my turn!
One day when she will grow up she will give titles for her paintings. I will help her for now and title this one: "Pine Seed".
"Pine Seed"
I am hanging Sara's paintings on the wall in her room. Maybe one day we will hang them in an exhibition, who knows! :)
Now that Sara is asleep, I will try to finish as much work as I can. I have lots of orders! ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love That Will Last Forever!

I lunched aSmaOriGinal about a year ago on Etsy making custom portraits. I will share with you the work process for the collage custom portrait I did for my lovely sister-in-law Sheghaf and her husband Ammar. A couple which I have been blessed to have in my life as they portray all the funkiness, passion and love that I am sure most people yearn for.

The lovely couple: Ammar and Sheghaf
This is the custom portrait I did for them using watercolors and paper collage:
My work space and the custom portrait I did on my desk
However, before I can gift this illustration to them on Valentine's day, Sheghaf asked for some changes and a darker hair.
Changing the hair color
She also had the wonderful idea of adding objects using paper collage all around the illustration. So I looked for objects in the magazines that have a meaning to the couple and symbolize their interests. This really gave it a nice and personal touch!
Cutting magazines for the collage parts
Now that I made the changes and glued all the small paper pieces I can gift it to Sheghaf and Ammar on Valentine's day. This way, they will have an illustration that will last forever just like their LOVE to each other.
You click on the picture to see it in my Etsy shop aSmaOriGinal
Hope you girls had wonderful gifts and flowers today!