Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love That Will Last Forever!

I lunched aSmaOriGinal about a year ago on Etsy making custom portraits. I will share with you the work process for the collage custom portrait I did for my lovely sister-in-law Sheghaf and her husband Ammar. A couple which I have been blessed to have in my life as they portray all the funkiness, passion and love that I am sure most people yearn for.

The lovely couple: Ammar and Sheghaf
This is the custom portrait I did for them using watercolors and paper collage:
My work space and the custom portrait I did on my desk
However, before I can gift this illustration to them on Valentine's day, Sheghaf asked for some changes and a darker hair.
Changing the hair color
She also had the wonderful idea of adding objects using paper collage all around the illustration. So I looked for objects in the magazines that have a meaning to the couple and symbolize their interests. This really gave it a nice and personal touch!
Cutting magazines for the collage parts
Now that I made the changes and glued all the small paper pieces I can gift it to Sheghaf and Ammar on Valentine's day. This way, they will have an illustration that will last forever just like their LOVE to each other.
You click on the picture to see it in my Etsy shop aSmaOriGinal
Hope you girls had wonderful gifts and flowers today!


  1. Hi Asma,
    My wife says:
    I found myself in your portrait placed with your feather in this paper. Your portrait is one of things i am proud of having in my home.

  2. And I Say:
    Thank you very much for this magnificent work.
    This guy looks exactly like me and the beautiful lady in the portrait is identical to my lady.
    that's amazing...

  3. Wow aSma! It is so cool to read about the creation process!

    Can't wait to

    1. Hello RockaBeautyMama, it is nice to hear from you! Check out this video of my work process:

  4. I love your work, it's so much original, playful and madern

  5. Very creative and elegant.. So cool how you shared every step with everyone.. Looking forward to see more by you asma