Friday, March 27, 2015

aSmaOriGinal on Etsy - Custom Portrait Service

For all who are asking where do I showcase the different layouts for my custom portrait service. This is my shop aSmaOriGinal on Etsy. I also list some of my original mixed-media paintings also.

The custom portrait illustrations are sorted by sections for individuals, couples or families. I do most of the paintings using collage and mixed-media.

All custom requests are welcomed :)

Have a colorful day!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is Finaly Here!

Spring is here and so are my business cards for aSmaOriGinal! I received the cards and "thank you" stickers yesterday from the printer and I love them!
Some of the tools I use for Packaging for aSmaOriGinal
I used one of the watercolors portraits I did for the visit cards. This particular portrait represents my vision for my brand and shop.
aSmaOriGinal business cards
Here are the "Thank You" stickers I will use for packaging. I did some for aSmaOriGinal and some for my other shop on Etsy; Teal & Magenta where I make hand made jewelry.
""Thank You" stickers
Washi tapes are a great addition for packaging. They give it a colorful and personal look. I mostly love to use the colored ones with patterns that goes well with my shop colors. mostly orange, pink and turquoise.
Colorful Washi tapes
I mostly love to use the colored ones with patterns that goes well with my shop colors. mostly orange, pink and turquoise.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Custom Family Portraits -Traveling Theme - by aSmaOriGinal

"Traveling Couple" by aSmaOriGinal
Mixed-media art is my passion and I love making portraits. I therefore lunched aSmaOriGinal on Etsy two years ago providing custom portrait services. My name is aSma and I live in Dubai, UAE. I mail my illustrations all over the world.
Custom Couple Portrait
Due to the fact that my husband and I love traveling, I decided to specialize in Travel Illustrations. I have already visited more than 23 countries around the world with my family, and we used to travel from Syria to France by car. This is where my inspiration comes from when I do travel custom portraits.
San Francisco Custom Illustration 
I also love illustrating people have been to and make nice illustrations for them to remember years ahead. While working, I discovered many new places that I decided to visit in the future when possible.
Mother and Daughter Custom Portrait
I mostly do the custom portraits with mixed-media. Collage is most used for clothing and buildings. I also use watercolors, acrylics and gouache. Glitter is the shiny part in my illustrations and I sometimes use ink, fabric and leather in some cases.
Custom Family Portrait
The larger number of orders I receive is for making custom portraits for couples. Occasionally I am demanded to do family portraits. Family portraits are more challenging but that what I like about it!

For more info visit my shop on Etsy: aSmaOriGinal
My Facebook Page: aSmaOriGinal art.

Monday, March 9, 2015

"The Reader" my first mixed-media original painting

It was an amazing ride working on custom portraits that I offer on aSmaOriGinal on Etsy for about two years. I felt now it is time to explore new ideas and layouts to do original illustrations along with the custom portraits I do. So while still working with mixed media materials, I am now working on a collection of portrait illustrations that represents my proper vision. The one I show in this blog is called: "The Reader".

I used paper collage for the dress, plant and book. The materials I used for the rest of the portrait are acrylics, gouache and watercolors. I love the combination of those three art mediums. I personally feel that each has a specific role to do in my paintings.
 You can find the original painting on my Etsy shop "aSmaOriGinal".

I can't wait to continue working on the portrait collection!