Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abstract Paintings by Sara my 2 Years Old Daughter

Sara is my very active little sweet heart. She was born on December 2012 and she brought joy to my everyday ever since. Now that she passed two year old she found her passion in painting.
Abstract painting by Sara
A close up.
Actually, I am finding a hard time painting when she is awake as she takes my place and start using my colors creating her own master piece.
Get up momy it is my turn!
One day when she will grow up she will give titles for her paintings. I will help her for now and title this one: "Pine Seed".
"Pine Seed"
I am hanging Sara's paintings on the wall in her room. Maybe one day we will hang them in an exhibition, who knows! :)
Now that Sara is asleep, I will try to finish as much work as I can. I have lots of orders! ;)

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