Sunday, July 23, 2017

7 Amazing Illustrators to Follow on Instagram - Art Inspiration

Social media outlets are becoming a big source of inspiration in the modern world of technology. Amazing artists are more and more showcasing their artwork online and even showcasing their work process and behind the scenes. One of the most important platforms to display pictures is Instagram which I find a huge source of inspiration for me as an artist. Here are six amazing illustrators that I find very inspired by on Instagram.

1. joojoopaper
I love Afsaneh's work! Very elegant and clean. In fact, she is my first inspiration to open an Etsy shop and work on my art photography. I invite you to check her illustrations and be carried away in her magical universe where all humans, animals and plants live in harmony.

2. amyjpeg
I discovered the work of Amy in an issue of Flow Magazine France few years ago and fell in love with it ever since. The painting "Girl With a Pigeon" is my all time favorite! I love watching her videos where she shares her work process and how she does her amazing patterns.

3. Sibylline_m
Sibylline magical portraits using markers and inks. She also makes those very cute pins out of her illustrations. She is such an inspiration to her over 324,000 followers on Instagram.

4. emmablockillustration
Emma is a London based illustrator who also teach watercolor art and lettering workshops. You can see her work process through her Instagram stories. She is currently working on writing and illustrating an art book which is amazing!

5. inameliart
Amelia creates whimsical illustrations with exquisite details. She makes fun portraits of cats, dogs, horses and even bears and lions with a touch of mystery and quirkiness.

6. augustwren
Jennifer makes mesmerizing illustrations Everyday. I can watch her painting forever! Her Instagram feed is always full of colors and beautiful details. Check her sketch book "Draw Every Day Draw Every Way" to have a motivation for painting every day!
7. maggiecoledraws
I am absolutely in love with Maggie's quirky portraits! She set herself a goal of #100daysofhair and only few paintings are left to accomplish it.


  1. Cool post. I am inspired already :-)

  2. "If you're beautiful you will see everything beautiful". This is another proof on your creativity. A great gesture and we will sure benefit from it

  3. Perfect. You are on my list of inspiring artists

    1. Oh this is so nice to hear. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Helpful list and very good feedback.. thanks for the advice and keep on the good work.. god bless you